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We are not here to STOP it!


We are here to bring sustainability through quality, and transparency


We are here to Live it – modernise it and drive Change!


In 2017 I started experimenting with natural oils for making natural soaps.

I was looking for something, which would be good for myself and my daughter's skin and at the same time incoporates a

modern nordic lifestyle and values, but could not find anything.

I also wanted to set a very positive role model for my daughter as she grew up especially in a world increasingly polluted by chemicals and plastics.


In my quest to cut down on the use of synthetic and chemicals I decided to learn how to make my own soap by using centuries old traditional approve methods.


I started working on my soaps inhouse after attending multiple soap-making workshops and started producing them out of my studio f

or friends and family.

I spotted an opportunity in Norway to develop a product that could be manufactured in Norway and more importantly use ethicaly sourced ingredients. 

Based in Bergen-Norway, The HO U S E OF H A M M O N D-S is a Company (Registration number 919288760) that produces handcrafted natural, and environmentally friendly soaps.


We are creating products for the modern world, away from the artificial and synthetic ingredients to products that we want to use every day,

made the right way – and outsourced with full transparency.


Our goal is to redefine sustainable living, re-thinking our approach and encourage every home to use natural soap every month.


We use only plant based, ethicaly sourced ingredients, and sustainable processes that generate very little waste and has no impact on the environment and the planet.

We do not use any synthetic additives, animal products, artificial fragrances or potential harmful preservatives in our products.


The environment and the customer are at the heart of our business model, which includes production, design, distribution and sales through our online website.

We would not sacrifice the quality of our products for profit and we believe in earning the top trust and respect of our customers.


We truly love what we do and are excited to share our quality products with you.

Redefining sustainable living


Human–Centered designs

Designed to promote wellbeing.

 “Beauty lies in the details”.

For too long the main content of the soap we use has been an afterthought; a generic setting whose sole purpose is to showcase the products. We believe the content and purpose are equally important, so we set out to rebuild and design our soaps from the ground up.

From the benefits of natural and essential oils to the height of the design setting, we changed a lot but in really subtle ways.


We want to give people a wider range of products to choose from which meets their everyday personal needs and at an affordable price.


Our goal is to create products that are thoughtful, practical, easy to use and yet sustainable; designed to complement your everyday life. Crafted by hand in Bergen, each product is made to fit the exact purpose of your needs; making no compromises in quality.


Our soaps are handcrafted with love in small batches using the centuries old fashioned traditional “cold process” method - which is environmentally sustainable. This means that no heat is used during the process, and it takes 4-6 weeks to cure the soap which further ensures the purity and healing properties of the ingredients used.
The main ingredients Olive Oil, Shea butter, and  Coconut is measured at the right ratios, mixed together with many other natural oils, butters and a saponifying agent, which helps in turning the raw ingredients into fabulous soaps. We use the finest natural essential oils to give our soaps their beautiful scents and aromatherapy properties. We do a lot of research before we create and approve our products.

Cleansing your skin doesn't have to be complicated. Too often, fancy packaging or the latest jargon overshadows what's really important: the ingredients inside. We're firm believers in using the power of natural ingredients to do the job.

Our soaps are packed full of the goodness of natural ingredients that you can trust to leave your skin and face feeling clean and nourished.  


WHY Olive Oil, Shea butter and Coconut?

Olive Oil, Shea butter and Coconut Oil has long been a revered cosmetic ingredient. In Europe and in Africa the curative powers of Olive oil, Shea butter and Coconut Oil has been known for thousands of years, traditionally using them to protect their skin from the sun, harsh winters and dry “hamattan” seasons. Scientific studies have proven the unusual medicinal properties and healing benefits of Shea butter, Olive oil and Coconut oil.


Olive Oil is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, which is a natural moisturizer.

Shea butter contains high saturated fatty acids with great moisturizing abilities that stimulate cell growth, and it is good for stretch marks and scar tissue.

Coconut oil is also high in saturated fatty acids with high cleansing ability and acts as a good moisturizer.

Our all natural soaps are entirely free from man-­made ingredients. They contain no parabens, no sulphates, no artificial colours or fragrances, providing only a pure, moisture-­rich cleansing experience for the face and body. Each bar of our soap contains the approved standard set by the EU cosmetic legislation.


Nordic Designer

The style of Eunice reflects her Nordic background and West African heritage.


The designer is fascinated about Nordic design, and how evolving and interesting it is. With a Master of Art & Design from Norway she created a platform that provides handcrafted environmentally friendly soap products incorporated with new ideas and designs, that meets the needs of a wider spectrum of people.

Made up of a selection of plant based soap brands, her design show signs of the charming Nordic houses in Bergen.  A representation of the stunning Scandinavian historic peaked  town house roofs along the habours, which gives a vivid memory of  the beautiful nature, the sea, the people, and the culture.


The product design, ingredient selection and style are a major form of expression to define the Nordic influence and African heritage. Which is used as a powerful medium of communication. This can be seen in the choice of symbolic compositions  and brand names she uses. Most of the brand's bar soaps are named  for various characteristics in Norway. Which may be directly related to the environement in the region;  which sometimes represent a form of storytelling, and which usually convey messages of importance.

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