A calming woody, balsamic aroma with smoky lavender undertones.

A natural shaving soap made from a blend of moisturizing oils with a rich creamy lather that is popular with everyone who likes the relaxing but lively outdoors, but especially men.


Made from a luxurious blend of Olive, Sunflower, Palm  and Coconut oils enriched with Cocoa butter. They’re gentle on the skin and luxuriously moisturising.

Bentonite clay provides razor glide for a clean, close, soothing shave.


Cedarwood essential oil can also help to reduce skin irritations and repel bugs. Lavender has a very calming and relaxing scent. Studies have shown that smelling lavender increases beta waves in the brain which suggests greater relaxation and less mental stress.


Average bar weight approx. 56.6ge / 2.0oz